Designing Success: Empowering 1500+ Consultants with Design Thinking at a Global IT Leader

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In an industry where innovation and agility are crucial, a globally leading IT solutions provider recognized the imperative of embedding Design Thinking into its consultancy practices. Tasked with the monumental goal of training over 1500 consultants, the company enlisted Innolifters to orchestrate a comprehensive development and training initiative on Design Thinking principles and methodologies.

The Challenge

The company aimed to not just acquaint its consultants with Design Thinking but to deeply integrate these innovative principles into their everyday consultancy work. The main challenge was scaling the training to accommodate 1500+ consultants worldwide, ensuring a uniform level of understanding and application across various teams and geographies.

The Solution

Innolifters developed a robust training program that blended online learning modules with hands-on workshops. The curriculum was meticulously crafted to cover the essentials of Design Thinking, its practical application in consultancy projects, and advanced strategies for driving innovation within client organizations.

The Outcome

The training initiative proved to be a tremendous success, equipping the company’s consultants with the necessary skills to foster innovation and deliver superior value to their clients. Participant feedback underscored an enhanced ability to apply Design Thinking methodologies, leading to more innovative solutions and strengthened client engagements.


This global IT leader’s strategic decision to invest in Design Thinking training, facilitated by Innolifters, has redefined the standards for consultancy services. By empowering their consultants with these critical skills, the company has reinforced its leadership in delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the complex challenges facing businesses today.

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