Case Study: Sparking Cultural Transformation at a Public Institution with Innolifters

Innolifters Case Study Public Institution

In the realm of public institutions, innovation often takes a back seat to regulation and tradition. However, recognizing the critical need for evolution, a prominent public organization embarked on a groundbreaking journey to infuse an innovation culture throughout its entire framework. This initiative, mandated by the board and spearheaded by Innolifters, aimed to redefine the institution’s approach to service delivery, process efficiency, and stakeholder engagement. Through the establishment of clear processes, services, KPIs, a customer advisory board, and innovation campaigns, this case study delves into the transformative steps taken to foster a culture of innovation within a traditionally conservative sector.


The challenge of embedding an innovation culture within a public institution is daunting, given the intricate layers of bureaucracy and the slow pace of change. Yet, with a clear mandate from the board, the institution sought the expertise of Innolifters to lead this ambitious project. The goal was clear: to revolutionize the organization from the inside out, making innovation a cornerstone of its operational and strategic initiatives.

Laying the Groundwork for Change

The first phase of the transformation involved a comprehensive analysis to define the key components of the innovation culture. Innolifters collaborated closely with stakeholders across the organization to outline the processes, services, and KPIs that would form the foundation of this new culture. This step was critical in establishing a shared understanding of what innovation would look like in the context of the institution’s goals and objectives.

Bridging the Gap with a Customer Advisory Board

Understanding that sustainable innovation requires continuous feedback and engagement with its end-users, the institution, guided by Innolifters, set up a customer advisory board. This board brought together a diverse group of stakeholders, including citizens, business leaders, and community organizations, to provide insights into the public’s needs and expectations. This initiative not only fostered a sense of community involvement but also ensured that the institution’s innovation efforts were aligned with the real-world needs of the people it served.

Igniting Innovation Through Campaigns

With the groundwork laid and mechanisms for feedback established, the institution launched several innovation campaigns aimed at encouraging creative thinking and problem-solving among its employees. These campaigns, designed and run by Innolifters, provided a platform for staff at all levels to submit ideas that could improve service delivery, enhance efficiency, and better meet the needs of the public. By recognizing and rewarding innovative ideas, the institution began to see a shift in mindset, with employees increasingly willing to challenge the status quo and contribute to the culture of innovation.

Measuring Success and Driving Forward

The transformation journey was meticulously tracked through a set of carefully defined KPIs, ensuring that each step towards innovation was measurable and aligned with the institution’s strategic objectives. The success of the project was evident not only in the quantitative results achieved but also in the qualitative shift in the organization’s culture and the enthusiastic engagement of its workforce and the community.


The partnership between the public institution and Innolifters serves as a powerful testament to the potential for innovation within the public sector. By setting a clear mandate, defining foundational processes, engaging with the public, and encouraging internal innovation, the institution has laid a strong foundation for continuous improvement and adaptation. This case study highlights the critical role of leadership, collaboration, and a clear vision in driving cultural transformation, offering valuable insights for other public institutions aspiring to embark on their own innovation journeys.

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