Catalyzing Innovation: How a Chemical Industry Giant Established a Design Thinking Academy

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Recognizing the need for continuous innovation to stay competitive, a leading chemical industry company embarked on a mission to cultivate a culture of creativity and problem-solving among its employees. Partnering with Innolifters, the company set up a Design Thinking Academy, aiming to train over 500 employees in the principles and practices of Design Thinking.

The Challenge

The challenge was twofold: firstly, to create a comprehensive training program that would be accessible and engaging for employees across various departments; and secondly, to ensure the program’s sustainability and its ability to foster long-term innovation within the company.

The Solution

Innolifters and the company collaboratively developed a curriculum that encompassed the core aspects of Design Thinking, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the chemical industry. The academy offered a mix of theoretical learning, practical workshops, and project-based learning, allowing participants to apply Design Thinking tools in real-world scenarios.

The Outcome

The Design Thinking Academy became a cornerstone of the company’s innovation strategy, with over 500 employees completing the program. Graduates of the academy have gone on to lead successful innovation projects, contributing to significant process improvements and product innovations within the company.


The establishment of the Design Thinking Academy marked a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards embedding innovation into its DNA. Through its partnership with Innolifters, the company has not only equipped its workforce with valuable skills but has also fostered an environment where creativity and innovation flourish.

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