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Dive into the story of how Innolifters began, a tale of passion and dedication that started with a single idea and grew into a gourmet consultancy. Over the years, we’ve seasoned our expertise, refined our recipes, and served countless businesses, always striving for perfection.

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Our Culinary Philosophy

At Innolifters, our culinary philosophy extends beyond just serving dishes. We believe in crafting experiences, building relationships, and nurturing innovation, ensuring every interaction with us is memorable.

Our Culinary team

Taste is teamwork

Our team of experienced consultants leverages our strong network of innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to bring you innovative solutions that drive growth and success.

We transform your ideas into reality – empowering your business through innovation.

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Bettina Sérié

About Bettina

Bettina Sérié is a Senior Consultant at InnoLifters and has more than 30 years of professional experience in international IT and training projects.

Her career began in 1989 as a logistics consultant at SAP France. After working for SAP for twenty years in different areas (consulting, development, training and support) and countries, she joined a small consulting company focused on SAP implementation and was a lecturer at the SRH University for Applied Sciences. Back in the corporate industry, she spent the last 4 years developing qualification concepts and training materials as well as training courses. After her first contact with Design Thinking in 2013, she has continuously stayed attuned to its use and applied it in her projects. She is very interested in the actual digital (re)development of training as well as agile approaches to problem solving.

Bettina holds a Bachelor of Science in International Management from the University of Reutlingen and a DESEM from NEOMA.

She was born in Germany and has lived in Switzerland and France. She lives in Germany, is married, has three children and two dogs.

Michel Sérié

About Michel

Michel Sérié is the founder of InnoLifters and advises international companies with a focus on innovation management, creative thinking and integrative, cultural and digital transformation.

Michel spent 25 years at SAP in various positions. During his last 6 years there, he started and led the Service Innovation function globally. His team implemented new ways of doing business by dramatically rethinking the concept of service.

Michel is co-author of the book Innovation Leadership and winner of the “Best Innovator 2014 Award” from Zeppelin University.

Michel holds a Bachelor of Science in International Management from the University of Reutlingen and a DESEM from NEOMA.

He has lived all over Europe and currently lives in Germany. He is fluent in German, French and English

Steven Wright

About Steven

Steven uses visual planning tools to design and lead strategic planning and team alignment efforts. Since 2005, he has guided executives and boards of directors in creating collective visions, aligned measures of success, and maps for implementation by bringing his experience in art, engineering, teamwork, long-distance athletic training, and social justice to each project. He works with technologists, social architects, writers and marketers to visually explain complex business and organizational processes and make them easy to understand.

Steven has been described as “a ferocious listener”, a person with “an incredible ability to synthesize and meander our random thoughts” and “a digital analog cowboy”. He was a landscape architect and urban planner from 1988 to 2004. He lives and works in Seattle, Washington, USA, is a founding partner of Wright Collaborative LLC and a Senior Associate of the Grove Consultant Network in San Francisco, California.

Nicole Schober

About Nicole

Nicole has been designing and leading projects and workshops for companies for 17 years, always with the focus on finding new solutions for organizational and team development. The focus is set on shaping the cultural change of organizations through co-creation and agile collaboration.

Based on her studies in art and art therapy and through her training as a systemic coach, she uses design thinking as a methodology to start the transformation journey. The core issue is to think outside the box and to create new design possibilities through practical experience, interactive and creative methods.
Nicole has experience in design thinking, agile methods, vision work and in the development of communication strategies, new work and future workspaces. She also works as a coach in the field of personal and professional development.

Deepa Iyer

About Deepa

Deepa Iyer has over 17 years of extensive experience in the technology industry and brings a wealth of expertise in software development, product management, design strategy and service design, with a strong emphasis on Design Thinking. Her approach is rooted in understanding unarticulated needs and bringing diverse teams together to co-create innovative solutions.

She has a proven track record in crafting impactful learning strategies, designing engaging employee and user experiences, conducting insightful user experience research and strategically fostering cross-functional collaboration. As a seasoned consultant, Deepa specializes in Design strategy, talent development, leadership coaching, and community building. Proficient in various learning technologies and methodologies, Deepa excels at driving organizational culture enhancement and spearheading change management initiatives.

Deepa’s career spans companies such as SAP, Dropbox, and LinkedIn. She holds two master’s degrees, including a Master’s in Information Systems and a Master’s in Computer Applications, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

Why choose us

When it comes to tackling your business challenges, you need an innovation consulting company that has the expertise, network, and partnerships to provide you with the best solutions. At Innolifters, we offer all that and more.

We are pragmatic

It’s not about debating, but about doing, failing and learning

We are skilled

Comprehensive methodology knowldege and experience

 We listen

Your needs come first, but be prepared to be challenged

We leverage our network to maximize your success

Ability to Network & scale by Industry, topic and geography

Challenge- not size-focused

Your size doesn’t matter to us, a common challenge does

We act at every flight level

From CxOs to operator – we adapt the messaging to the expectations and roles 

We adapt to your DNA

There is no size fits all, and the way forward has to be adapted to your DNA

We stand behind our work

We only do what we are convinced of and value usefulness before sales. You can trust us to get an honest answer.

Partnerships that Drive Innovation and Growth

Our Partners

Punctual and theme related support – because no one can do everything alone! With Innolifters, you’ll be joining a partner network that is dedicated to bridging the gap between innovation and success. So join our innovation network today and see how our collaborative approach can help you thrive.


SERVITIZE propels the mechanical engineering sector into the future by transitioning from product-centric innovation to integrated solution providers through servitization, bundling machines with software and services to solve customer problems and support their goal achievement.

the harvard group

The Harvard Group orchestrates customer advisory groups and boards for enterprises, offering a collaborative platform for key customers to guide corporate strategies, influence product development, and address industry challenges, thereby driving innovation and strengthening customer relationships.


Digitelia boosts digital marketing strategies with services in analytics, branding, communication, and design thinking to attract new clients, increase sales, and diversify business activities.


Strategyzer excels in advising and coaching for business innovation, offering a platform that helps businesses scale their innovation ecosystems and training programs to enhance skills in designing, testing, and mastering innovation tools and methods.


Skailine Partners leverages artificial intelligence to reimagine business models, redesign processes, and cultivate a culture of AI adoption, providing strategic guidance to companies seeking to amplify the value and transformative impact of AI from vision to value.


Vodakon specializes in eLearning services, providing training and coaching, technical and media-didactic solutions, and custom content development to enhance digital learning experiences.

Ergon X

Ergon X drives change through management consulting, startup consulting, and investments, offering hands-on expertise in business development, digitization, strategy, and compliance to empower businesses to thrive.

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