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Our approach emphasizes agility, pragmatism, and adaptability to the unique needs and DNA of each client. We offer our services in French, German, and English, and have a global reach through digital channels.

Transformation & Innovation Consulting

We exist to propel companies forward, championing swift transformations and fostering innovation that not only keeps pace with change but leads it.

We can enable you to make innovation
– an intrinsic part of your DNA,
– integrating a collaborative approach, drawing on and adapting to all your employees and your ecosystem,

Thus enabling you to become also a resilience champion responding effectively and efficiently to current and future challenges over the long term.

Innolifters Innovation and Transformation Consulting

Training, Enablement & Productization

Focusing on creative methodologies, such as Design Thinking and Business Model Canvas, our aim is to teach you how to fish. We cover the whole value chain from awareness to mastering corresponding methods.

Development of educational concept within the scope of IT-implementation projects (SAP©, MS Office ©…) and in the area of innovation, collaboration and digitalization (e.g. in the topics Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking, Lean Start Up, virtual collaboration, virtual training courses with applications such as MIRO©, FigJam© or Mural)

Creation of tailored training material (in collaboration with authoring-material such as tt performance suite© or SAP Enable Now©)

Planning and execution of the training courses and  certifications as required

Appetizer (Level 1)

This approach will enable the participant to “Experience” the method. They will get a personal feeling for the relevance of a given method.

À la carte Menu (Level 2)

Teaching with a make to order approach the methods you selected as a company. Participants will be able to second a senior coach.

Become a Chef (Level 3)

Enabling you to grow your own “chefs”. Those will be able to run standard formats, but also to build company standards and teach & grow your own community.  

Peer Networks & Advisory Boards

Setting up and nurturing Advisory Boards & Peer Networks, leveraging our extensive corporate network.

Collaborating with peers from different industries / divisions / locations to solve common challenges. By working with others who have different perspectives and expertise, it may be possible to come up with more creative or effective solutions to shared problems. This can also help to accelerate the innovation process and reduce the time and resources required to bring new products or solutions to market

Involving business partners systematically in the innovation process to prevent the creation of a long tail of products or solutions. This could mean actively seeking input and collaboration from partners early in the process, in order to align priorities and avoid creating solutions that are not relevant to the market or customer needs.



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Band 4 Transformation

Corporate (digital) Transformation Network - Established 2019



European Champions Alliance

Corporate Scale-up European Network - Established 2022

Workshops & Programs

Preparing, executing & consolidating, from creative to strategic, but always inclusive, Workshops & Programs.

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