Case Study: Catalyzing Innovation in the Chemical Industry with Innolifters

Innolifters Case Study Chemical industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of the chemical industry, the quest for innovation and transformation is not just a strategic advantage but a necessity. A leading chemical company recognized this imperative and embarked on a journey to revolutionize its internal systems and processes. Partnering with Innolifters, they aimed to not only foster a culture of innovation but also to position their Information Systems (IS) organization as a pivotal business partner. This case study explores the transformative collaboration between Innolifters and the chemical company, focusing on the methodologies introduced, the training conducted, and the overarching impact on the organization.


Innovation within the chemical industry represents a complex challenge, requiring not only the right tools and methodologies but also a profound cultural shift. Recognizing the need for a strategic overhaul, a leading chemical firm sought the expertise of Innolifters to spearhead this transformation. Working directly under the guidance of the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and his team, Innolifters was tasked with nurturing the central IS innovation team from its very inception.

Laying the Foundations for Innovation

The first step in this ambitious journey was to introduce and integrate creative methodologies that would underpin the company’s innovation efforts. Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, and Lean methodologies were selected for their proven effectiveness in fostering innovation and enhancing customer centricity. Innolifters embarked on a comprehensive training initiative, educating over 1000 employees across various levels of the organization. This foundational phase was crucial in equipping the workforce with the tools and mindset required to drive meaningful change.

Crafting an Innovation Management Framework

With the workforce now primed for innovation, the next phase focused on establishing a robust innovation management approach. Innolifters played a pivotal role in setting up both the process and platform that would support the company’s innovation ecosystem. This framework was designed to streamline idea generation, evaluation, and implementation processes, ensuring that innovation could be pursued systematically and effectively across the organization.

Transforming the IS Organization

A critical aspect of this transformation was redefining the role of the IS organization within the company. Beyond its traditional utility functions, there was a clear vision to transform the IS department into a dynamic business partner. Innolifters guided this transition, emphasizing customer centricity and aligning IS initiatives with broader business objectives. This shift was instrumental in fostering a collaborative environment where technology and business strategies converged to drive mutual growth.

Outcomes and Impact

The collaboration between the chemical company and Innolifters yielded significant outcomes. The introduction of creative methodologies and the training of over 1000 employees catalyzed a cultural shift towards innovation. The establishment of a structured innovation management approach provided the necessary framework to nurture and implement innovative ideas. Most importantly, the transformation of the IS organization marked a pivotal step towards achieving a more integrated, customer-centric business model.


This case study exemplifies how Innolifters, through its expertise in innovation and transformation consulting, was able to guide a leading chemical company towards a future where innovation is not just an aspiration but a tangible, integrated part of its operations. The journey from inception to implementation showcases the power of strategic partnership, creative methodologies, and a commitment to cultural transformation in realizing the vision of becoming not just a solid utility but a true business partner.

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