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For many years now Innolifters stands for Innovation-Expertise and Workshop-Competence​

Culinary Art and Innovation is our Passion.  


Have an appetite for innovations?


Global changes and crisis are forcing us to react. We must adapt our behavior and put our established processes on the stand. We should not just “deal” with these new changes, like a bad menu, we should rather take the wooden spoon into our own hand and help shape these changes. This is the only way to create change that will be compatible with ourselves and therefore be sustainable. Let us take on this challenge together!


To get to the point:

Our individual Innovation-Menus 


Custom-made for every taste and based on proven ingredients – the mix makes the difference.


With great care and love we will create an Innovation-Menu that you will never forget. Depending on your tastes and needs, it will be created with a variety of different ingredients: 

Your Innovative Cooks

Lots of experience and good taste


•We listen

•Your needs are put first, but be ready to be challenged

•We’re pragmatic

•It’s not about debating or esoteric, but about doing, maybe failing, learning from it and being successful

•We have experience and passion

•Despite and thanks to 30 years of work experience we’re always on the ball, be it in smaller or larger corporates, whatever industry you’re in, in Germany or worldwide

•We are very well connected in our market and in the corporate world

•We can help you to morph from an IQ to a WeQ organization/ecosystem, from “my” competence to “our” competences

The sous-chefs and Partners

 Punctual and theme related support – because no one can do everything alone!



Einfach, super lecker und kreativitätsfördernd - für den Energieschub zwischendurch!


Up to two months ago, most of us were quite reluctant, to put it diplomatically, to consider anything else than a presential approach when planning to run a workshop where we expected interaction.

We are facing a situation where virtual work, which does not always mean working from home, will become the new norm.


Reinventing established processes
The challenge is how one can mainly with internal resources re-invent or refresh an existing process.
Let’s have a look at two concrete examples: contract management and onboarding.


Unsere Rezepte für Sie

aus der Praxis für die Praxis "hands-on"

Hier erfahren Sie, wie wir Ihnen ganz konkret zu Ihrem zukünftigen Lieblingsessen verhelfen.

The Harvard Group​

Kulinarik & Innovationen sind unsere Leidenschaft.  


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